AMA D17 & NATC Rules

This is the place to find out rules, regulations, and all sorts of information concerning District 17 and the Trials events. We welcome your input or questions, and will try our best to get you the answers you need asap.

First: We would like everyone to have a good time and help out at any event you can. There are some simple things you can do to make sign up quick & easy, and would eliminate the confusion we sometimes have.

1. Have your current AMA and District card ready at signup.

2. Fill out all forms legibly.

3. If you are a minor without a parent present, you must have a notarized statement for each event. You can find one on the NITRO website. Click for form

4. Have your payment ready at the end of the table.

If you need to renew your AMA membership during the season, forms will be available for you to do so at the events. If possible it is best to purchase your AMA card and District card on-line before the event.

Second: You will now be able to keep track of your points on the NITRO website. They will be updated after each event, so you will know right where you are at any time of the season. Only current D17 cardholders will be eligible for points, and compete for the champion's awards at the end of the season. 

Third: If there is a question about rules, you can find a copy of the official rulebook on, and there will be a few available at the event for your use. To keep District costs down, we are printing fewer books. Feel free to print off the internet copy if you choose.

Each year in October, we can request changes to our rules during the District meeting. Rules can only be changed at this time, since all District 17 Directors vote for/against them. If you have a request for a rule change, please let us know so we may present it to the Club for consideration. 

We hope to make this year better than ever with your help. This page will be updated as necessary to keep everyone as informed as possible, but if your question is not answered here, PLEASE let us know, someone else may have that same question! 

Have a SAFE and happy riding Season!



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