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Update 19MAR19

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Newsletter for 2019 rev6 - click here

2019 schedule posted

Updated D17 Rules

First event Megatraxas 24 March

Time remaining to the next event

Next Event Megatraxas

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What’s New

MEGATRAXES news update

Newsletter for 2019 rev6

Updated Rules for D17

2019 Schedule

NITRO club meeting minutes

There are couple items that NITRO wants to draw members attentions to:

Review the new and old regulations: Trials rules have changed,

and this is a good opportunity for a refresh. *** One regulation

that will be enforced for 2019 is mandatory Tether /

Lanyard Kill Switches must be in use. ***

NITRO will have some on hand for purchase.

Quick Link to D17 Events



Gates Open 8am, sign up opens 8:30, and the event Start time is 10am.

We will have a concession and there will be score people to score this event, riders can concentrate on the challenge and not operations of

the day!

Travis has once again spent these last two weeks moving dirt, building tests that should be fun for all abilities and ages!  Eric Miller is here daily helping and working with Travis to make this a fun event.

Weather looks to be excellent for the outside sections, and the inside ones of course weather isn't an issue!

Join the this trials team for a great day.

ps we will have tethers here if someone needs one.